Funerals and Memorials


Funerals are obviously a very important aspect of our Christian ministry
for all the churches across the team ministry. Our faith in Jesus Christ,
who himself rose from the dead, enables us to point those we care
for to a God of hope and love.


Can anyone have a funeral conducted by a minister from The Team?

We are pleased to conduct funerals at the church or a crematorium for any resident of the parish, regular worshippers and those registered on our electoral roll. Sometimes we minister at funerals for those who live beyond the parish boundaries if the deceased or their family has a strong connection with the church. For example, a long-standing parishioner who moved away but whose family still worship at the church. We would conduct a funeral for someone from outside the parish whose body will be interred in an existing grave or ashes plot which was originally dug for two.

Can I be buried at St. Katharine’s, or St. Andrew’s?

Yes, we can conduct a burial or and internment of ashes if you are a resident of the parish or are a member of this congregation and on the electoral roll. Because space is limited we can no longer do burials in the church grounds for those that live outside the parish boundaries unless a space has been reserved in the existing grave of a loved one, normally a spouse.

All Saints:

There is a small area designated for the Burial of ashes, and interments can take place.

Can I reserve a burial space at St. Katharine’s or St. Andrew’s?

We are sorry that it this is no longer possible to reserve a specific burial plot. The obvious exception is where there is an existing grave and it has been planned that you are laid to rest with a loved one.

Is it possible for cremated remains to be scattered in the churchyard?

The term scattering is misleading, for it is not like scattering seeds! We offer “scattering” or interment of ashes into the ground. We have designated areas for this. The Ashes can be loosely turned in and then the whole is filled with earth and a stone may be placed in top. Alternatively the ashes are placed in a small box and the whole box will be placed in the ground. The undertakers can advise on the types of boxes and a suitable memorial plaque.

How do I arrange a funeral?

If you have just recently been bereaved, first get in touch with your local funeral director and they will give you all the guidance you need on the practicalities of arranging a funeral. You can contact the Rector directly or through your undertaker. A pastoral visit can then be arranged at a mutually appropriate time.

The choices that may be made to tailor the service may include:

  • Entrance music
  • Sentences of scripture
  • Introduction and Opening Prayer
  • [Hymn]
  • [Tributes if they are done by family/friends – otherwise they can be incorporated in the sermon/address]
  • Confession
  • Prayer
  • [Optional Psalm e.g. Ps 23]
  • Bible reading
  • Sermon/address
  • Prayers
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • [Hymn]
  • Commendation and Farewell
  • [Exit music – if the service is followed by a burial in the churchyard or a cremation]
  • Committal
  • Prayers

An anonymised example of a Funeral Service is provided for your information, and we are always happy discuss your wishes and requirements. Click here to download

The loss of a loved one raises big questions about life, loss and the future. If you would like to know more about God’s love, comfort and care – our Rector, Vicar or Assistant Curate will be happy to listen and speak with you.

Gravestones and Memorials

The PCC of St. Katharine’s has an agreed policy covering gravestones and memorials in the churchyard. This is to ensure that they are in keeping with the surroundings. Local funeral directors help can advise on grave stone designs and suitable lettering.  The Rector’s approval must be sort before any stone or memorial is put in the churchyard. Kerbstones are not permitted around the graves. In general statues or separate vases are not encouraged, as there is always the risk of damage, vandalism and theft. Items like these also make it very difficult for the volunteers who maintain the churchyard.